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PWG - We are for people

PWG Group is a leading VISA service provider that helps connect YOU to the WORLD. 

With 8 years in the business, PWG Group continues to be determined in providing the easiest visa application processes for individuals seeking to migrate to Europe and Canada; providing them assistance, assurance and updates along their journey. We have a high success rate of over 3000 VISAS (and counting) issued to our customers, a start of their dream to live and work in Europe and Canada.

We extend our services to applicants and clients from various sectors – from chefs and engineers to management of business processes or specialized services to the industry. 


Facility Management Services


Business and IT Services


Industrial Services


Complex support for acquiring citizenship

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Practical information on amenities

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Relatives support & guarantee their permanent residence

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Guidance for renting your own property


Child & social welfcare schemes information


Assistance & advice on opening a bank account

What makes us unique

We do not only want you to reach your new country safely, but also to have comprehensive support throughout your whole stay there, what includes i.e.:
  • Assistance in applying for permanent residence card
  • Complex support for acquiring citizenship
  • Practical information on where you will reside, such as public transport, services, entertainment facilities
  • Support your relatives' arrival and guarantee their permanent residence
  • Information on child and social welfare schemes
  • Guidance for renting your own property
  • Guidance for admission in language or driving course
  • Assistance and advice on opening a bank account

PWG Group aims to support you expeditiously for you to have a higher quality of life through our various opportunities in several destinations across Europe and Canada. 

We are there for you from the beginning of the process till the time you land and start work in your dream destination country.  PWG Group – We are for people!


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PWG Group is an immigration company that helps students and professionals migrate abroad to either pursue their studies or careers.

Yes,  PWG Group is registered in the UAE and has been in operation for 8 years. It has helped more than 3000 professionals to migrate to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta and Canada. You can check out some testimonial videos from some of our successful applicants here.

You can either go to our website https://pwggroup.ae/ and select your dream destination then fill in a form with your details. One of our agents will contact you and help you start the application process. 

Alternatively, you can contact us on whatsapp +971 50 423 0438 to learn more information.

No age limit.

You must pay a down payment to start the application process, followed by a second installment once the visa is approved. The third and final payment is made after you arrive at your dream destination. 

Visa approval depends on the government of the country that you are applying to. This can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months.

PWG Group headquarters is in Dubai. We also have branches in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. PWG Group also has offices in Poland, Canada and Malta.

Yes, you can apply virtually from any country by contacting us via Whatsapp +971 50 423 0438


Ibrahim Olalekan
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Heard about this place and believe they were doing an amazing job as a lot of humanity have gained a European visa through them.
Ivy Joy Dulay
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Thankful to PWG as they helped me since the start of my application. And now I'm a successful applicant, PWG is the best visa processing agency in Dubai.
Ifrit 170
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Finally, I got my work permit. Once again sorry for misguiding PWG GROUP. anyone who likes to work in Poland can consult PWG GROUP. your guys are awesome.
Joseph O.A
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I rate them 5 stars because they are indeed genuine and trustworthy, if you want to relocate to Europe then try PWG and you will never regret it. I got my work permit with them after 6 months after my application and looking up to having my visa in due time. Thanks once more PWG
rajveer singh rathore Th- Hirani(Marwar)
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Perfect place for those who are looking for a trusted and experienced immigration company. It's the really nice staff is very supportive and helpful. They will guide you in the 100% right direction. So, are many success stories.
Richard Cajoly
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Thank you PWG for helping me get my Visa, I'm really happy. I also want to thank my agent Mr. Danilo who helped me in the process. Thanks, guys, see you in Poland.
Gerry Bergantin
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Hello, it’s been nice working with PWG on my visa. I want to thank to PWG group for supporting me to get my visa and work permit. I’m very grateful to have my visa. I would advise you to use PWG if you want to get your visa.
Rabin Chettri
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I got my work permit within 2months only thank you very much PWG group and especially thank you to my agent national dogma..pwg is the best immigration even. Once again thank you.
hamad ahmad
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I got my work permit within 2months only thank you very much PWG group and especially thank you to my agent national dogma..pwg is the best immigration even. Once again thank you.
robin john
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